New Job Opportunity in Dubai as Senior Front-End Developer

Here is a great Opportunity for those who want their job in tech feild. Deriv is having vacancy for Front-End Developer in Dubai, UAE.

Below given are some further information about the title.


  • Building a dynamic, user-centric and interactive UI.
  • Building charts, dashboards, and interactive bots.
  • Working with cutting-edge and popular technology stacks.
  • Unify our 7 platforms by building upon our company-wide design system.
  • Optimise our platforms to be blazingly fast . We aim to reduce our time to interact (TTI) to 50% or less.
  • Help us modernise our web platforms.
  • Work with developer tools and automate our processes.
  • Collaborate with the Design and Back-end teams to build scalable performant apps.

Our tech stack

  • JavaScript, Typescript, Webpack, CSS, React, Gatsby, Next JS, and HTML
  • Jest and React Testing Library
  • Git and GitHub
  • WebAssembly and CSS-in-JS
  • SSR, SSG, and ISR


  • More than 5 years of prior relevant experience.
  • Extensive knowledge of front-end technologies like JS, Typescript, Webpack, CSS, and HTML.
  • Experience with testing frameworks such as Jest and React Testing Library.
  • Knowledge of data structures and algorithms.
  • prior experience with Git and GitHub.
  • Confidence, eloquence, and proficiency to work effectively with remote teams from different time zones.
  • Familiarity with Websocket API consumption.
  • Familiarity with tools such as Cypress and Playwright.
  • Familiarity with different rendering approaches: SSR, SSG, and ISR


  • Annual performance bonus
  • Medical insurance
  • Housing and transportation allowance in dubai
  • A chance to work with top talent from across the globe (70+ nationalities)
  • Great overseas travel opportunities

How to Apply?

Be part of a diverse team that spans several countries around the world, constantly working on building open source projects that cater to more than two million traders worldwide.

To Apply click on the link below.

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About the Company:

Deriv isĀ an established online trading service provider owned and operated by the Deriv Group. deriv is a one of the largest online brokers. Built upon 20 years of technological excellence and customer focus, They offer a platform with the largest variety of products and services, enabling effortless trading for millions of clients worldwide. They also have a branch in dubai

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