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Become a Teacher In Toronto

Are you teaching people then here is a chance for you to become a teacher in Toronto. Blyth Academy is looking for a teacher for subjects like English/Social Science and Humanities/History.

Here are some more details for the same.


  • Teach Ontario Secondary School curriculum.
  • Tailor curriculum to individual student needs..
  • Integrate student interests and experiential learning activities.
  • Incorporate literacy and numeracy across the curriculum.
  • Foster academic achievement and prepare students for university.
  • Collaborate with supportive colleagues and leadership.
  • Maintain small classroom settings with average 8 students.
  • Adhere to academic calendar and teaching structure as a teacher.
  • Teach within various programs (part-time, private, night school, summer school, online teacher ).
  • Create a positive and engaging learning environment.


  • Expertise in English, Social Science, Humanities/History.
  • Experience teaching intermediate and senior levels preferred.
  • OCT certification preferred, but educators from all sectors and backgrounds welcome to apply.
  • Empathy and dedication to student learning and development.
  • Commitment to engaging, challenging, and inspiring learners.
  • Ability to manage and create a positive learning environment.
  • Openness to differentiated learning approaches.
  • Excellent communication skills (verbal and written).
  • Flexibility, accountability, and integrity.

How to Apply?

To apply online click on the link given below.

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About the Role:

Instructors play an critical part in creating students’ minds and prospects. Exterior of the classroom, they play numerous parts to bolster the development of understudies. To begin with, they are individuals who raise mindfulness, give, start interest and empower positive considering. Instructors make an enabling environment where learning gets to be a shared involvement instead of a unremarkable task.

Second, instructors are guides and part models.
They appear understanding, persistence and understanding, empowering understudies to precise themselves and investigate their potential. They construct students’ self-confidence, versatility and social aptitudes by making a positive and comprehensive classroom environment.

And instructors are long lasting learners. They are always overhauling their information, utilizing modern instructing strategies and looking for proficient advancement to ended up great instructors. This commitment to development bolsters their instructing and empowers them to adjust to changing learning environments.
In expansion to scholarly information, instructors moreover instill values ​​and ethics in understudies. They emphasize the significance of reasonableness, regard and understanding to form dependable citizens who advantage society.

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