CANADA Project Required Piping Engineer

According to the 2021 Canadian official count, canada has acceoted 8.3 million people and which is 23% of its own population. This moves Canada into the top 10 place with the largest immigrant population in the world. canada took 437,000 immigrants in 2022 from all over the world which means

this data shows that canada is open to welcome new people in their country. that opens up a huge oportunity for people who want to work in foreign countries
so here is a new job opportunity in canada “Piping Engineer”


  1. supply efficient design package to the engineering design team & collaborate with the designing team to properly implement ideas to complete significant projects and provide all engineering support.
  2. Performing pipe strenght analyses for plant sites and capital projects using appropriate software.
  3. Prepare all work instructions (such as installation and selection documents) necessary for equipment setup.
  4. Working with other consultants, plant and business personnel, suppliers and contractors on piping and other fixed equipment related activities.
  5. performing emergency repairs.
  6. reviewing piping designs produced by external engineering partners.

Key Interactions With Other Roles:

  • Run-Plant Engineers and Maintenance Engineers for operations personnel to ensure safe and reliable facilities.
  • Sourcing & Logistics to deal with vendor assessment and qualification.
  • Dealing with Vendors and Contractors to ensure quality and efficiency.
  • Identify improvement opportunities and support early front-end loading planning and technology selection.
  • External technology organizations and Industrial Standard Committees to qualify the standards and to implement the latest technology, safety, and project processes.
  • External Resources to work with outside specialized experts on technical issues and to review their analysis reports.
  • R&D Chemists & Specialists for assistance in technology selection for process development and quality improvement.
  • Engineering Contractors (EPCs) for managing expectations and reviewing deliverables and dispatch facility.

How To Apply:

  • Email your documents to company which includes CV, Qualification certificate copy, Experience certificate scan copy, Passport front and back scan copy, Candidate recent passport size photo on or
  • contact on +1 (415)349-5328 / (581)890-0648 or whatsapp on number given below.

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